Our story

English cottage gardens to fine art weddings

A garden is a magical place, full of colors, fragrances, and natural beauty.  Each individual bloom is full of wonderful details; curves and unique characteristics.  

As a child, Elizabeth's grandparents lived in a small English country village and would often walk through town admiring the beautiful, informal cottage gardens. One of their favorite gardens existed at an antique store called Porter & Ives. Elizabeth's grandparents imparted their love of its natural and unstudied charm to her. When her mother became a member of the local gardening club, Elizabeth often accompanied her to lend assistance to elderly members in their own gardens, providing her with a wonderful introduction to growing and working with a variety of flowering plants.

As she began to create her own floral designs, Elizabeth used these experiences as her inspiration, incorporating texture and movement into each arrangement. Porter & Ives' signature style is natural and light, with a graceful composition of garden blooms mixed loosely with foliage and meadow grasses. 

We focus on designs that are delicate and airy like an English garden.